Para Empezar Description Project

In the past two weeks we have been learning how to describe ourselves, our friends, our family etc. Through this unit I have learned how to Describe others and what they like to do.

I created a project that showcases what I have learned thus far in Spanish.

Spanish 1 Honors


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Our assignment is to describe ourselves with three fictional characters. We are learning adjectives to describe ourselves with Yo soy and questions to ask to get to know a person. As we have to find fictional characters who we could use to describe ourselves.lucy_heartfilia_in_x792untitled-image-11

Hola mi nombre es Jayden! Yo soy curiosa, torpe, talentosa, inteligente y creativa. Me gusta cantar, bailar, jugar videojuegos y dormir.

How Vision Works

The eyes are two globular organs inside the head that help us see.

But why can we see with these organs ?  How do we have the powers of vision and how can we see colors ?

Well, with this image here you can see what our eyes are made of. Our eyes are made up of 13 different parts in all, the Iris, Cornea, Lens, Pupil, Posterior Chamber, Ciliary Body and Muscle, Conjunctiva, Retina, Macula, Retina blood vessels, Vitreous body, and the Optical nerve.

This video explains how vision is a complicated process of converting light signals into images in the brain. As Light passes through the lens, where it is focused, to the retina where photoreceptors called rods and cones convert the information to electrical impulses that are  interpreted by the brain.

Humans are lucky to have the ability to not think about, for the most part, that our brain works so hard but with so ease and that every little aspect you can see outside the body, Ears and eyes, do so much at once to fulfill their job on the body.  eye-diagram

Role Models

    Sometimes sisters can be annoying, mean, and rude but some sisters can also be nice.  Now my sister, Genesis, might be mean sometimes but when she is not she can be kind, inspiring, and a good sister.

    My sister is kind because she helps me out when I am sad.  And another reason is because she is a good friend when she wants to be one.  And you might say “how is your sister inspiring?”  Well, she turns me onto the right path when I have no idea what to do.  I look up at her, she gives me advice if she can’t turn me on the right direction.

    I think she is a good sister because once she helped me out of a problem, and that day I knew that she was more than just a big, old, mean sister; she was a great friend.  What you should remember is never judge a book by its cover.

The Rescue in Denmark during WW 2

  The rescue in Denmark was a rescue mission for all the Jews in Denmark that started in October 1943 (this was during World War 2) by fishermen boats.And was helped to the boats by the resistance that though that killing the Jews was wrong for there certain reasons.And then the fishermen would sail the Jews to Sweden were the Jews were not to be killed because for some reason Adolf Hitler let Sweden be a German free Country and who knows why.

    One reason that the people that helped the resistance/the Jews (if they were caught) was because Adolf Hitler was wanting to send all the Jews to these concentration camps to get them to do free labor and when the Jews got sick they were sent somewhere to get killed and get in there tombstones.And the resistance was stopping them to get killed so those people would get brutally beaten or killed.

    And another reason that the resistance/Jews were persecuted was because was because they were trying to escape and the resistance was helping them escape and when the Jews got caught on trying to escape they would either get killed or really hurt.And the resistance was helping the Jews escape and Hitler said that if you helped the Jews escape you would get beaten really bad or get killed and that is what he did when the people got caught.

So when World War 2 was over about 7 million Jews were killed in world war 2 and now the Jews are free but 7 million Jews were killed by 1 man and that was Adolf Hitler.

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